Hair Extensions

Angelz Hair & Beauty uses five of the most popular methods of Hair Extensions, Micro Rings, Nano Rings, Pre Bonded, LA Weave and Micro Ring Weft Hair Extensions. After many years of experience in hair extensions, we have tried and tested hair from all over the world. Because of this we have managed to source the finest 100% Human Remy Russian hair which we have found to be the highest grade of hair available for extensions. This hair is fine and silky in texture and is cuticle correct meaning it won't get matted or tangled. 

The hair we use comes in 0.8 gram - 1g strands for an optimum thickness result. Many salons only use 0.5 gram strands, or at the most 0.6 gram strands which gives a much thinner overall look.

Whether you want instant length or would just like to add volume to your own hair, our hair extensions are tailored to meet every clients individual needs. We can also create specific hairstyles and also create highlights using hair extensions. We also specialise in doing Ombre Hair Extensions and creating the Balayage effect.

There are many other methods of Hair Extensions attachment, such as the traditional weaves, glued in strips of hair extensions and clip ins. However micro rings, nano rings, pre-bonded and the LA Weave method of hair extensions enable you to have the long beautiful hair you have always wanted, without any damage and the extreme costs of most high street salons. 

For a full head of hair extensions we attach around 130 -150 individual strands to your own hair. 
Note: This can vary depending on your natural hair. The hair is then secured using the heat connector for the pre-bonded hair, and a hook thread and small pliers to secure the micro rings or nano rings. All of these methods are safe and kind to your natural hair, and will not cause any damage providing you follow the aftercare instructions given to you by your technician.

Depending on your requirements, we offer a half head, three quarter head or full head fittings. Half a head is generally for volume and a full head for both volume and length.


The Micro Ring Hair Extensions technique is considered to be a very popular Hair Extension technique available, which combines strands of your natural hair with the extension hair. As there is no glue, heat, sewing or braids involved there is no damage to your own hair. Micro Ring extensions can last up to six months before needing to be re-installed as you can have them tightened every two months. 

This technique can be done on all types of hair. The micro rings are available in different colours and have a silicone lining causing no damage to the hair. The rings clamp securely in place and will rarely slip out even during the most challenging of activities. Those who have worn micro ring extensions say that they are comfortable day-to-day and feel completely natural. They do not shed meaning that the original thickness of the extension style will remain throughout the time they are in.


Nano Rings are the latest method of Hair Extensions. They are 90% smaller than a standard Micro Ring and are almost an invisible fit.

This method of application is the same as the Micro Ring method except the Nano Ring is 2mm and the standard Micro Ring is 5mm. It is a perfect method for everyone, however is most suited and recommended for fine or medium hair.

The hair we use for this method is 100% Human Remy Russian Hair and can last 6-8 months.  Removal and re-application is required every 8-10 weeks depending on your natural hair growth.


The LA Weave is the new revolutionary unique system of Hair Extension application. We have been trained by the creator of the LA Weave and are Authorised Technicians by LA Weave. This method is similar to the traditional weave, but doesn't involve the tight braiding. Instead the foundation is created using silicone lined Micro Rings. Polyester thread is then used to apply the weft of hair to your hair. The Micro Rings protect the weight of the Hair Extension Weft, therefore allowing your natural hair to continue growing. There is no glue, heat, bonds, braids or plaits involved.

Through correct application the LA Weave is designed to last 8-10 weeks and can be applied in an hour. You can then come in and have it removed and re-fitted using the same hair. We use the highest quality of Grade AAAA Russian and Mongolian hair and you can choose between 120g, 150g and 200g. 


The Pre-bonded method is one favoured by many top celebrities, such as Cheryl Cole and Katie Price. And like micro rings, does not damage your own hair. The hair extensions are attached to your hair using a heat connector. The bonds on the extension strands are made from Keratin, which is a natural protein, therefore it is kind to your own hair and easy to remove. The bonds are very small and unnoticeable and are shaped like a grain of rice. This method can also be applied to all types of hair.

General Maintenance is required every 4-6 weeks. This involves in removing some strands and replacing with new ones. This will ensure your Hair looks stunning throughout the time you have them in. We advise to have them removed professionally after 3 months.


The Micro Ring Weft Hair is more of a temporary solution to clip in Hair Extensions. Human Hair Weft is used and are applied in rows using Micro Rings. The weft of hair is cut to size and placed horizontally in strips against the head. Small sections of the clients hair and hair from the hair extension weft are then pulled through micro rings and then clamped securely to hold in place. This is continued in sections until almost reaching the top of the head.

Application time is an hour and maintenance is recommended every 4 weeks to re-tighen the rings. 


Angelz Hair & Beauty offer a free, no-obligation consultation which takes approximately 15-20 minutes. During the consultation you will be shown the different types of hair, methods and lengths, and we will discuss all your requirements. We will look at your own hair to ensure it is suitable for hair extensions (length, condition etc) and will colour match your hair to the extensions. You can mix colours for highlights or 'flashes' of colour against your main hair colour. During your initial consultation you will be taken through the process in detail including aftercare, recommended products and the total cost.

Once you have gone through the consultation and we have determined the look you want to achieve, we will book you in at a convenient time to suit you. A consultation isn't always required if you have healthy hair which is all one colour. If this is the case you can have a telephone or email consultation and post a hair sample to us for colour matching. Some clients who live far or lead busy lifestyles have a consultation conducted over the phone and then just post a sample of their hair to be colour matched. 

If you decide to go ahead and make a booking then a non-refundable deposit of £50-£100 is required and secures your fitting appointment. The deposit is then deducted off the total price and is non-refundable.


Sometimes clients get so excited about having their hair extensions fitted and how good they look that they donít always follow the aftercare advice given to them by their extensionist, in order to keep them looking good.

We at Angelz Hair & Beauty provide an after care leaflet for you to take home to ensure your hair remains looking good and lasts the minimum 3 months for the pre-bonded, and 6 months plus for the micro rings. Because the micro rings are so secure you will not see any fall out. You may see hair shedding but donít panic as on average we lose 100 hairs a day and this is nature taking its course, not your hair falling out. Your scalp may feel a little unusual for the first few days if you are new to extensions but not to worry as this feeling will disappear. You wont even realize you have them in after a few days. Perseverance most definitely pays off.

We also sell after-care kits which includes shampoo, conditioner, conditioning spray and brushes, to enable you to keep your hair extensions maintained using the correct products.

We have listed some doís and dontís for you below to follow, to ensure your hair looks at it's best at all times


  • DO use a soft bristle brush and work from bottom brushing gently upwards
  • DO separate extensions with fingers to prevent tangling
  • DO tie hair back before bed
  • DO keep hair moisturized using the correct recommended products


  • DONT brush hair when wet and more than twice daily
  • DONT pick at the rings/bonds,
  • DONT attempt to remove extensions yourself as this can cause damage to your own hair
  • DONT condition near rings/bonds as this can cause rings to clog up and bonds to soften

We make sure the extensions will look very natural and blend in completely with your own hair, as we hate the 'mushroom effect' you get with some poorly applied extensions. And as the hair is real human hair you can treat it just as you would your own hair, and it can be straightened, cut, blow-dried, curled and even dyed.

The hair extensions generally take up to 3 hours to be applied and will last for three months if the recommended aftercare is followed and correct products are used. Micro rings, Nano Rings, LA Weave and Micro Ring Weft Hair Extensions can last for up to 6 months plus with regular maintenance. It is always best to follow the recommended aftercare instructions and have the extensions maintained after 4 - 6 weeks, and removed at the recommended time. In general your hair should be long enough to fit into a ponytail (4-5 inches). Extensions can be applied to shorter hair but a consultation is necessary before the fitting appointment to make sure your hair is suitable.

On the day of the fitting we will explain the aftercare procedure to you in detail and give you an aftercare sheet to take with you. We are available 6 days a week if you have any questions.

If you would like to take advantage of our special offers this month or you just need some advice, give us a call on; 07808214727
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