Teeth Whitening


Everyone wants a beautiful bright white smile and now you can get a smile makeover in under an hour.

Due to the product not having NO peroxide, you will have no sensitivity and it is completely safe. You will have three 15 minute sessions and then an LED light activates the gel.

We can not guarantee how many shades your teeth will go but generally it is between 9-12 shades.

Results last up to 12 months if you keep up with the After Care. 

So whether it's a new job, a wedding, or just for a glamorous smile you have come to the right place.
To maintain the results we recommend top-up sessions. These are 20 minute sessions and can be done after 3 months. 

Alternatively you can purchase a Teeth Whitening Pen. This is applied using a small brush where the gel is dispensed from. Simply brush on once a week before going to bed and rinse after 10-15 minutes.